Favorites: My go-to products

I only recommend products that I feel like are the highest quality. I will NEVER recommend something just because someone asks me to or sends me something for free. However, I may use affiliate links. 



Beautycounter's Cleaning Balm

PERFECT FOR an overall cleanser, sensitive skin, a hydrating mask, and makeup remover. 

I essentially signed up to be a Beautycounter consultant because I never wanted to be without this balm. This coconut oil based cleanser is my go-to and I use it nearly every day. I will even use it to help my split ends or as a lip conditioner when things get rough. (Pun intended.)


PRimally Pure's Body Butter

PERFECT FOr stretch marks, dry, inflamed, or sensitive skin. 

Oh, I can't tell you how obsessed I am with this body butter. I have all three "flavors", and I love them all, although the eucalyptus and lavender feels extra indulgent to me. These are a good source of CLA, and are some of the cleanest body butters I've found on the market.



Kindle Paperwhite

PERFECT FOR avid readers and travelers. 

I was firmly on the anti e-reader bandwagon when they first became popular. However, I've since realized that I can have a few dozen books at my fingertips (or stashed in my carry-on), can read in direct sunlight, and can read in bed without having to get up and turn off the lights when I'm ready to sleep. 


passion planner.jpg

The Passion planner

PERFECT FOR creating a vision, tracking time, and creating a path to tackle goals. 

I loooove a good planner, and this os one of my favorites. This rose gold option is a limited edition, so snag it while you can, but the Passion Planner is my go-to for keeping me on track. 



Beautycounter's Charcoal bar

PERFECT FOR oily, acne-prone, and problematic skin. 

Another product that I never wanted to be without. This charcoal bar, along with the charcoal mask, and some nutritional cleansing banished my cystic acne! (Never thought I would see the day.) 



Lululemon's Align pants

PERFECT FOR literally everyone.

I'm obsessed with these lightweight leggings. Lululemon's Nulu fabric is my favorite, and I pretty much live in these leggings for barre, lazy Sunday's, and life in general. I actually have 3 pairs, in red, navy, and plum, and now I want them all. 


wired to eat.jpg

Wired to eat 

PERFECT FOR those wanting an eay-to-digest primer to foods and metabolism. 

I have 100 books I could recommend on diet, wellness, and health, but Robb Wolf does such an excellent job at breaking down the science in a way that isn't boring and reads more like a narrative.  


PRimally pure's blue tansy beauty cream

PERFECT FOR dry, irritable, and sensitive skin. 

If I could write a love song for this Beauty Cream without sounding insane, I totally would. Blue Tansy essential oil gives it its signature blue hue, along with its anti-inflammatory properties. Its pricey, but so worth it for glowing skin. 


Le Creuset's Matte collection

PERFECT FOR the foodie, avid cook, and kitchen enthusiast. 

This was one of my first big splurges for our kitchen, and I am so glad we invested in this. Le Creuset will last a lifetime (or several), and their matte collection has me all heart-eyed every time I see it on my stovetop.