Your Paleo Cinco De Mayo Fiesta (Ole!)

Heeeyy, friends. I’m sure you’ve noticed, but between myself and Care to Pair, we’ve been a little Mexican Food crazy. (But is this ever a bad thing? No. Nope. Of course not.) Oh, and guess what? Its just 2 days away from Cinco de Mayo, which means that now you have everything you need to plan a Paleo Cinco de Mayo fiesta WITH ALCOHOL. Nicely timed, huh? This is going to be theeee best fiesta. Thanks Dani!

I’m going to keep this post short, so you guys can get to your fiesta planning, but these past couple weeks, Care to Pair and I have given you:

Delish. Oh, and of course, South of Vanilla has some other Paleo Mexican recipes in the archives that weren’t posted in the past couple weeks, are definitely fiesta-worthy:

You see? Now you have Mexican drinks, main courses, and a dessert all in one place. (Oh, and don’t forget you also have breakfast, lunch, and dinner if your fiesta is going to be an all day thing. No shame. You fiesta-it-up.)

The only thing you need now is a piñata. Happy Cinco de Mayo!