The Foodista's Winter Holiday Gift Guide, 2014


Paleo or not, I imagine you know someone in your life who loves to cook and spend a lot of time in their kitchen. 

Or…you know, fun things to buy to fill your kitchen. (I'm talking about myself now, if you didn't pick up on that.) 

I'm not too big of a gadget person, because although I love things, I hate clutter. (Yeah, I know, I don't make any sense. BUT I am a woman, so…..I'm complicated. Obs. That means obviously. Its totes gonna catch on soon...One of these days.) 

If you're struggling with what to buy your favorite foodista this holiday season, I've curated some of the best gifts to take the guesswork out of it. The links to all of these goodies are below the collage, and I've included a quick rundown  of everything just below that. 

  1. Every baker deserves a KitchenAid Mixer. Its iconic, adds classic flair to a kitchen, and makes any dish a breeze. Pricey but worth every penny, and KitchenAid makes a delightful array of colors that rotates through the years and seasons. Right now, they have this beautiful teal (shown here below), but also a gorgeous navy and an antique copper. Swoon. 
  2. Anthropologie makes the best aprons, hands down. Reminiscent from the 50s, but necessary for any woman who loves to dress up and entertain at the same time. (Flour finger prints on your favorite LBD no more!) 
  3. Because plaid. 
  4. As great as homemade ice cream is, it can be difficult to store. Homemade ice cream in a plastic, spaghetti sauce stained tupperware container just doesn't cut it. But this one? Gorgeous and no need to try to scoop downward in a circle anymore due to its unique shape. 
  5. Because coffee. Always. 
  6. These copper finished measuring cups are gorgeous and all the rage in the blogosphere right now. Seriously, all the other food bloggers seem to have them, and guess what? They measure stuff too. 
  7. No one ever liked whole grain oatmeal anyway.  
  8. This spiral slicer is perfect for making anything from zoodles to shredded cabbage to sweet potato ribbons while still being nice to your hands. 
  9. Did you know that if you light a candle while cutting an onion, your eyes won't water? I learned that from Martha Stewart, before she went to jail. This tip of hers only seems to work about 50% of the time, but candles are a nice edition to any kitchen, and these hurricanes are just so gorgeous. 
  10. Le Creuset is another classic brand that is pricey but well worth it. Enameled cast iron is perfect for making stocks, soups, roasting vegetables, and small poultry, the dutch oven is necessary is any kitchen. Le Creuset is another brand that rotates their colors according to the year and season. Classic colors (like ivory/white and red) are almost always available, but they often phase out special colors after a couple months. Right now, I am crushing on their "Sisal" color in their matte collection, but really, anything from Le Creuset is gorgeous. 

As a disclaimer, I do not receive any compensation for promoting these products. They are truly just products that I love.