Sunday Snaps 4-5-2015


Happy Easter!!! Seriously, I feel like it was only a month ago that it was Thanksgiving. Time is flying. 

Sadly, I didn't do...ummm anything... to celebrate Easter this year. Usually, I dye some eggs and/or eat stuff my face with Cadbury Eggs, however, this year I ate one and felt so sick afterwards. Benefits (downside?) of being paleo, I suppose. 

Easter snuck up on me- so much so that a couple days ago I was checking out at the grocery store, and the cashier told me happy holidays. And I was like "oh, you're on spring break too??!". Yeah, no. Not what she meant. Whoops. So sadly, this year, I don't have any Easter goodies for you BUT I do have a new Sunday Snaps for you all. Happy Easter!



I bought a car. BUT not just any car, I bought a FIAT. Which I’ve been lusting after ever since I found out that the Italian racecar maker was bringing it to U.S. roads. (Insert smiley face with hearts for eyes emoticon here. Times 4.)

And the thing is, I wasn’t even planning on it when I went into the dealership. Yes, I’ve been looking for the “right” car for forever, and yes my indecisiveness kept me from actually making a decision, and yes I absolutely adore the FIAT, and yes, I had even reached out to old high school acquaintances that have FIATs who I haven’t seen or talked to in almost ten years (ahhh! 10 years!), but this purchase was as a surprise to me as it probably was to everyone else.


I essentially got a call from the dealership on a Tuesday afternoon saying they had few cars in stock that would fit my preferences, style, AND budget. I decided just to “stop by” after work, and after many negations, phone calls, and 5 hours, I was handed the new keys to my very own Verde Chiaro Fiat 500.

At first, I wasn’t in love with the color; I thought it was too much. But then after driving it, texting pictures to friends, and then realizing that it was similar to a mint green and IHAVEMINTGREENEVERYTHING, it seemed like serendipity. YOLO.


And after all, I did buy this bike a week and a half before the car:

Now, I can get anywhere I need to go in any various shade of green.

I even got an insurance policy through my professional organization that was so low the insurance guy thought the computer had a glitch in the system. Seriously, if you are an SLP reading this, you need to check out the agreement they have going on through ASHA. Do you know what I love more that food and FIATs? Saving money on “fixed” expenses.

Did you know that Fiat's have mustache's? Do you see it??? Now you know.

Did you know that Fiat's have mustache's? Do you see it??? Now you know.

Obsessed much? Yes. Yes I am. You see, this FIAT was meant to be mine. I kind of want to drive it everywhere. I mean, I am going on afternoon drives on my lunch breaks just so I can drive, and the first night after I brought it home, I even woke up in the middle of the night out of excitement and went to go peer at it through the window.  <33333 Plus, the desert has some great driving roads:

This photo was taken with my iPhone. Insane. (and no worries, I pulled over to snap this shot.)

This photo was taken with my iPhone. Insane. (and no worries, I pulled over to snap this shot.)

Oh, and yes, for those of you who don’t really care about cars, or for those of you who hate FIATs, no worries- I have some other Sunday Snaps updates for you.

Like my garden?

That was a question because I can’t even believe it. I have made a total 180 over the past few years. I never thought I would be gardening. And liking it. Humph.

I’m hoping that in a couple months, I’ll be able to harvest (eeee!) my own vegetables (of course, I need to plant some vegetables first), but until then, I’m just going to go ahead and keep putting eggshells on my plants.

Yes, that is right. I saw several pins on pinterest saying that if you saved your eggshells, blended them with a little bit of water, and mixed them into your soil, it would act as magic plant food. Because this is so crazy, I even took some pictures of this:


And guess what?  I haven’t really noticed a difference. Except I didn’t exactly mix the eggshells INTO the soil? Why? Because I was scared about upsetting the roots. So I just kind of sprinkled the eggshell mixture on top, which is supposed to act as a natural bug-repellent. Now, have I noticed any type of pests? Nope. So maaaybbee it is working. We’ll see. If it doesn’t, you can call me the crazy egg lady.

My mom was just here all week since it is both our spring breaks at work,  and she helped me redo our little patio space, install a raised garden bed, beautify the backyard, and start a largish vegetable garden. I will post some pictures eventually, but here's a sneak peak:


 I’m a tad nervous because even though is the beginning of April, it is already starting to get hot here; it feels almost like summer. I’m scared that the sun might be too intense for the vegetables even though they have partial shade during the day, and I’ve been diligent about watering them so far. I guess we’ll see. Does anyone have any tips for high-desert gardening? I would appreciate any advice you could throw at me. I’m pretty much not only a novice, but trying to grow things in the desert…which is probably the worst idea.

I asked that for that same advice to a worker in Home Depot’s garden section, and she told me “don’t water too much or too little. And make sure there’s enough sun, but not too much”.

WELL. Thanks for that. So helpful. So so helpful.

Right when I moved to NM last summer, I was talking to a gardener at the Farmer’s Market who said that he actually put ice on top of the soil in his garden to keep the ground temperature from getting too hot. Woah. Wooooaaaah. What? Ice on your plants? Iceee Ice Babbbyyy.



So besides Spring Breaking, gardening, drivingmymintcarandbikeeverywhere, and counting down the days until summer, the only other thing I’ve been doing is mourning that the Bachelor is over…while joining the masses in omgfreakingoutabouttwobachelorettes. #teambritt. All the way.

On a more serious note, I’ve also been reflecting a lot about work and career happiness, and it was so appropriate that a friend sent me this infographic which I absolutely loved. This same friend and I have also had several discussions about how much work happiness affects life happiness, and how unhappiness at work can often overflow into your personal life and personal relationships. After all, we often spend more time at work and with our colleagues than we do at home with our friends and family. Isn’t that something to mull over?

Ok, so really, that’s it for today. But if you haven’t seen my recent posts, they’re pretty good, if I do say so myself. Like these breakfast burritos. And this Blood Orange Mint Sparkler. Yuuuummmm. That was a good one.


And as always, I will leave you with some pictures of the beautiful Southwestern scenery from the past few weeks.

Happy Easter Sunday, and I hope you all have a restful week!