Sunday Snaps 12-07-2017

For those of you that read my blog regularly or subscribe to my Instagram, you will know that I prepared Thanksgiving dinner this year for my whole family and a handful of family friends in Florida. I cooked a meal for 11 people, but I grossly overestimated the proportions, so I could have easily served 25.


I am not kidding.

The mounds of leftovers we had were ridiculous. I could have literally invited 14 more people, and we still may have had leftovers. Lesson learned, there is no need to double or triple the portions of everything when everyone will only have a little of the 15000 prepared sides.

Ok, maybe not quite 15,000 sides, but there were a lot. I posted my family's paleo and nonpaleo hybrid Thanksgiving Menu here, but then, like all decent holidays, we veered off course. Like instead of the stuffing I was planning on making, we went with a jalapeno cornbread stuffing. Instead of the maple fennel seed brine, we went with a jalapeno brine to compliment the stuffing. And then instead of making a German Chocolate Cake, I ended up making everyone an individual serving of Crème Brulee, which was amazing, because I got to use a torch.

And my family just had to say: "Kristina, the torch is not a toy".

To which my reply (in my head) was "Whatever, the crème brulee torch is the greatest play thing to hit a kitchen since the serrated knife."

As you probably guessed, I didn't eat strictly paleo over Thanksgiving. I am proud to say that I stayed away from most of it, but I did have a couple of the crème brulees....which were delicious, but made my stomach hurt so bad. I think I will someday soon start working on a paleo crème brulee recipe, since I have discovered that I really don't want to live my life any longer without crème brulee in it.


Besides cooking, we did explore Tampa a little bit. We caught some great sunsets, went to Clearwater, and saw Ybor city. Strangely enough, I even saw a replica of my favorite WWII plane in a bar, which further fueled my obsession of planes with faces:


Since emerging from my Thanksgiving daze, I haven't really wanted to cook much, surprise surprise. Luckily, I saw this one coming, and prepped a lot of blog posts in advance, like this delicious Green Chile Kale Rice and Chicken Soup, so I could look like I had been productive cooking and baking yummy paleo treats. In reality, I've been lounging on my couch while watching all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls on Netflix, watching all the Harry Potter movies sequentially, trying to read 5 books at the same time, and doing all holiday shopping on my ipad.


Speaking of holiday shopping, I was really excited on Black Friday when I had an email from Le Creuset saying that they were giving away a free dutch oven with purchases!!!!! And then I read the small print and realized that the free dutch oven was only for purchases over $1,000. Ha. Hahahaha.

I've been reading a lot, which I am so happy about. Reading has always been one of my favorite pastimes, and although I will likely never have so much free time where I could get back to my rate of 3 books a week in my childhood, I've managed to read quite a lot over the past few weeks. Several people recommended that I read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, which was so incredible; I stayed up late reading it and lost sleep. I actually first heard about this story on an episode of Radio Lab, titled "Famous Tumors" from May 17th, 2010. I was immediately entranced with the story when I heard it, and I have no idea why I didn't read the book way back then.  If you're looking for a good book, I highly recommend it. Its nonfiction but reads like fiction. (In my opinion, the best nonfiction books do.) Seriously read it now.

I am also currently reading Anna Karenina (And have been for the past, ummmm,  6 months...), rereading the Great Gatsby, just started You Before Me, The 4-Hour Workweek, Beautiful Ruins, and am about halfway through The Night Circus. The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books of all time, and I think I reread it about once a year. I still have the copy I had in high school when I first read it in English class, and I have all these really terrible notes that I wrote in the margins that I thought were really insightful. Here's an example:

"Daisy's name is symbolic of the delicate flower that blooms only in spring under the right circumstances"

Ha. High school. I can't. So serious.

    Besides the Great Gatsby and The Immortal Life, The Night Circus has been one of my favorites this month. I realize that literally reading 6 books at the same time sounds really confusing to probably most of you, but to me, it soothes my monkey mind and also allows me to enter 6 different worlds at once. Its like stepping into the wardrobe.


In my last Sunday Snaps, I talked a lot about my sudden rage to redecorate the bedroom. Well, I am happy (?) to report that that rage is still in full swing. I am in the process of making a gallery wall, and also obtained some ikea lack side tables, which I am going to hack and turn into these lovely pieces of art.

Wish me luck.

I also plan on sanding down the wood from our bed and staining it a dark black-brown to match to the color of the side tables. I am very hesitant, since the last time I decided to sand and stain a piece of wood furniture, I got frustrated and ended up dousing it in several coats of bright, teal paint.


You see, what happened with this particular teal table was that I really wanted to sand it down then stain it with a nice, light blue tint, a color that I described to Christopher as "robin's egg blue, but more pastel"., that didn't happen. In another DIY rage I for some reason couldn't get the stain to actually stain the wood, so I marched straight to home depot and convinced the paint mixer guy to give me the brightest shade of teal he could find. (I am a specimen Freud would love to analyze.) Christopher came home, quite tastefully and calmly stated that our table was not "a robin's egg blue", and then proceeded to not care about the color of the table. My DIY rage-induced color blindness has since become a standing joke in our house, and serves as a great conversation piece for dinner guests. 

And now, months later, we've even gotten some offers of people wanting to buy the table.

If my day job doesn't work out, and my night job of paleo blogging doesn't work out, its nice to know that I can always have a career of paining things in obnoxious colors and selling them to my neighbors.

Happy Sunday, and I hope you all have a relaxing day going into the workweek!