July Daily 5


Hey look at this! A consistent Daily 5!

If you all recall, I decided to bring back The Daily 5 at the end of each month; the goal is share the top 5 things at the end of each month that get me through my paleo days. There have only been 2 of these posts before, so if you want to read those, you can find the January Daily 5 here and he June Daily 5 here. Just to be transparent, I do not receive any type of compensation or endorsement for these products. My opinions are completely my own. Without further ado, here is July’s Daily 5:


1. Sam’s Club Membership

It is no surprise that choosing a diet with real, whole foods is pricey. Organic food, especially meat, rarely goes on sale, which is why I started buying foods in bulk.

Sam’s club is the closest membership store to us, and we regularly buy brands like Kerrygold Butter, organic chicken breasts, organic salad greens, medjool dates, coconut flour, and coconut sugar. They are constantly adding new products, and Sam’s has really helped me save a lot. For example, I bought a 5 lb. bag of coconut flour and a 5 lb. bag of coconut sugar for $12 and $15, respectively. Compare that to a conventional grocery store’s prices of $10 for just 1 lb! Oh, and I didn't even mention the awesome gas prices. 

You can read more about Sam’s Club Memberships here. 

2. Mint Financial App

It is no surprise that I love to travel, and it is also no surprise that traveling expenses can really add up, especially when airfare is involved.  In the past year, I have been to Tampa (twice), D.C. (twice), Virginia, Maryland, Las Vegas (twice), upstate Nevada, Utah, Northern Arizona, Tucson, Phoenix, Boston, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Philadelphia.

I practically grew up on planes (my family was very spread out across the country), and I loved traveling so much from a young age that instead of gifts, my family would buy me plane tickets.

Making the decision to travel so much means that I have to sacrifice in other areas, but above all, I always know where my money is going. Mint helps me see just where my money is going, which makes it easy to scale back in certain categories, and save in others. Without constantly knowing where my money is going, I really don’t think I would be able to travel as much as I do.

More information about Mint can be found here.

3. Flavor God Seasoning

I am pretty picky when it comes to spices: I regularly will spend $8 and up on pricey organic blends and brands because its so important to know if there are any additives (like sodium of MSG) that you could be adding to your meals unintentionally. I have really noticed that the cost for quality brands is going up. I think this is probably because demand for quality foods is slowly increasing, but also because the cost of creating high-quality products is just more expensive, starting at the level of actually growing organic herbs for spices.

Lately, I have been loving the spices from Flavor God. Not only are they 100% organic, but they don’t contain any fillers, and freshly made just before shipping, and taste phenomenal. They are a little pricey, but their bottles are twice as big than typical spice bottles. Lately, I have been loving the “Everything” spice blend and the “Chocolate Donut” spice blend. Yep, you read that right: Chocolate Donut Seasoning.

More information about Flavor God can be found here.

4. The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying-Up

In my last Sunday Snaps, I wrote a little about how we were on a mission to declutter our house. Before I moved to NM from DC last year, I did the same thing, but still held onto a lot. Paying money to move a bunch of stuff that I still haven’t used a year later was really disheartening to realize.

I didn’t think reading this book was really going to help that much, but it definitely changed my perspective. I’ve already been able to get rid, donate, or sell 14 bags worth of clothes, toiletries, furniture, and random stuff which I was holding onto for “just in case”. Really, there is no reason to why we needed 6 scissors and 6 baking sheets in our house, let alone clothes from high school that I have literally moved from Chicago to Iowa to Chicago to DC to NM. Why????? Why! If you are on the edge of reading this book, go ahead and do it. Worth it. 

More information about the KonMari Method can be found here.

5. Spiralizer

For a long time, I didn’t want to spend the extra money on just another kitchen gadget that I thought I wouldn’t use long-term. After all, the waffle maker, quiche pan, George foreman grill, etc. that I had before I KonMari-ed them (see above) made me excited before never used them like I said I would.

A high-quality spiralizer though is a different story. Vegetables aren’t my favorite things to eat to begin with, but using a spiralizer is fun, AND makes preparing fresh veggies super easy. With zucchini’s being in season soon, I definitely recommend that everyone consider buying one. zoodles for days!

I use this spiralizer here.

All opinions and reviews are my own. This is not a paid endorsement.