Sunday Snaps, 7-12-2015

Chesapeake Bay Oysters <3

Chesapeake Bay Oysters <3

I feel like its been awhile since my last Sunday Snaps. I also feel like SO MUCH has happened over the past few weeks. I also feel like time has been moving so fast. How is it July?? How?? Do I say that every month? I definitely do say that every month.

Here are some of the great recipes I've posted over the past few weeks:


Soooo, time for some updates:

It is SUPER hot in New Mexico. If you recall, I moved here the end of July last year, which meant that although I moved in summer, I almost avoided the two hottest months of the year in their entirety. I thought it was hot back then, but this summer is a whole different story, especially because its been hotter than average. Lots of days have topped out anywhere between 107-115.


The hot weather has meant that I have been giving the garden a ton of water, and even though there’s some shade, some leaves have started to look a little crispy. Anyone have any advice for this?? I have also had to be very careful about going outside midday, even with sunscreen, because the high elevation and the intense sun does not mix well with redheads. #gingerproblems

BUT in other news, I have been enjoying fresh, organic basil and tomatoes from the garden.



In June, I went to D.C. to visit friends. Moving from D.C. last year was one of the hardest decisions I ever made. Even though I grew up in Chicago land, I felt more at home in D.C. than I ever had in my hometown. Maybe I’ll be back one day, but for now, visits to friends in the city that still has my heart is always wonderful:

These lovely little colonial houses in Georgetown jut melt my heart.&nbsp;

These lovely little colonial houses in Georgetown jut melt my heart. 

Fresh blooms in Eastern Market

Fresh blooms in Eastern Market

(Snaps from northern Virginia, eats around D.C. (Including crab cakes! Swoon), a girls trip to Dry Bar (the best!) with my good friend Kathy, Georgetown, Barrack's Row, Eastern Markert, Rose's Luxury, and Baked + Wired Cupcakes)


Can we talk about The Bachelorette for just a minute? Can we talk about how this season just doesn't compare to The Bachelor? I expected this: last season's drama was just too good. I was never a Kaitlyn fan...but I still knew she was going to be the girl for this season. People love her. Does anyone else find it annoying that she advocates for her sexuality and intimate relationships, but then just cries when things "go too far"? Get it together girl, you can't have your cake and eat it too. Plus, it is just super awkward to watch. 

As many of you know, I have had acne problems that started while a teenager, but really started getting bad at around 22. I have been prescribed many medications, none of which really worked, and last month, I decided I just couldn’t tolerate this adult acne anymore. How was it that my skin was better at 17 than 27?? I didn’t want to look at a lifetime of problematic skin, so I did something radical and decided to ditch all the chemicals in my routine. Now, I’ve only been using pure Shea butter (which I ordered from Ghana), essential oils, green clay masks, vegetable glycerin, fatface skin care products, and using tea tree oil for spot treatments. I’ve noticed a huge reduction in acne and a huge increase in even skin tone. My skin isn’t perfect, but I figure that I’ve had 10 years of terrible acne, its going to take more than a few weeks to clear up.  Has anyone else been experimenting with natural skincare? Anyone have any advice?

Oh, and of course because I am definitely an all-or nothing type of a person, I started making my own toothpaste to attempt to remineralize a cavity. I am using this recipe here, and working with a friend who is a dentist to make sure that I don’t let a cavity go too far in case it doesn’t work. Has anyone out there tried to remineralize a cavity? Did it work?


This past month, I also decided that I needed to seriously declutter my house. I have always been one to collect things, but also like when things are in order. On a whim, I decided to read Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-Up, and I am totally hooked. The KonMari method advocates some crazy things, like emptying out your purse every night and talking to your clothes (Not a joke), which I really just don’t have time for. Plus, I also just can’t bring myself to talk to my clothes.

All these papers I've been holding onto "just in case"? GONE.&nbsp;

All these papers I've been holding onto "just in case"? GONE. 

A simplified closet feels amazing

A simplified closet feels amazing

I have already gotten rid of a lot of things I was holding on to for so long (like clothes from high school, very worn towels, and baking dishes I never used , etc.) and my house already feels a lot lighter, and a lot less cluttered. I am still going through things, so I my house is a total mess, and has been for awhile now, but it will definitely be worth it in the end. Getting rid of the things that no longer serve you is definitely freeing.

All of this stuff never really fit in our house, and we were keeping it just in case and because we didn't want to regret anything. We put it on Craigslist, and didn't think twice about it.

All of this stuff never really fit in our house, and we were keeping it just in case and because we didn't want to regret anything. We put it on Craigslist, and didn't think twice about it.

I just started reinstating The Daily 5, which I plan to post at the end of each month. I started this back in January, and then never followed through. Why? I totally and completely forgot. Really. So now I’m going to start these again, to hopefully give some insight into the things that help me through my paleo days.

If you haven't looked at my iPhonefood photography tips, definitely go check it out now!I've gotten a ton of views and a lot of great feedback about this post! 

I have some great recipes for you all coming up, but if you ever want something created, you can always leave a comment or send me an email. I love hearing from you all!

As always, here are some gorgeous shots of The Land of Enchantment for you all: