August Daily 5


ey friends! Since it is the last day of the month, its time for this month’s Daily 5. This month, things are a bit different. Since my announcement a few weeks ago and I have been traveling/moving/soul-searching, I’ve decided to share some items that have been getting me through my paleo days on the go. I thought being paleo was a challenge before….well, now being paleo while doing a little traveling, road-tripping, and not having a kitchen is even harder. These products have been helping me stay healthy along the way.

1. Natural Calm Magnesium Supplement

Most of us have a magnesium deficiency, and symptoms range from increased anxiety and stress to difficulties sleeping to muscle twitches. These symptoms are so generic (who doesn’t have difficulties sleeping from time to time), and are easily missed. For more in-depth information about magnesium, check out this great article here.

I have been using Natural Calm, a magnesium-calcium supplement, for a little over a year now, and I love it. I simply just mix it into water, and enjoy a fizzy nightcap before bed. The best part? It supports a restful night’s sleep as well, which is super important to being productive the next day…..or road-tripping aimlessly throughout the country ;)

Natural Calm Magnesium Supplement

2. Aura Cacia Essential Oil Car Diffuser

I am a sucker for good scents, however, the more I’ve learned about synthetic fragrances, the less I buy them. I think we can all agree that essential oils are a great alternative, and this little gadget brings those fantastic smells right into your car. No toxic chemicals. Weeeeee!

Aura Cacia Essential Oil Car Diffuser

3. Wild Planet Canned Tuna

 Finding good quality food to eat on the go is tough, especially when traveling through more rural areas with less choices. Wild Planet’s Tuna is by far, the best-canned tuna I have ever had. Since its canned, it obviously travels well, just make sure you bring a can opener with you, or have the grocery store open it for you. (Really, they will do this.)

Wild Planet Canned Tuna

4. Live Soda

When I’m away from home and don’t have some of my homemade kombucha with me, my absolute favorite go-to is Live Soda. They’re a little pricey, but get this- they taste just like soda. (Or pop, if you’re from the Midwest like me.) I have tried all the flavors, and love them all. They’re a great fizzy drink fix with all the benefits of Kombucha, and are now even being sold in big box stores like Target.

Live Soda

5. Dang Coconut Chips

ohmygoodthesearesogood. I am not one for coconut chips, but one day I was at airport, starving of course, and the only choices before hopping on a 4 hour flight were these coconut chips, cookies, and those crackers with that weird fake cheese in the middle.

I’m glad I chose these, because they are amazing. They have a great roasted flavor, and aren’t too coconutty at all. At this point, I’ve tried all the flavors, and each one is perfect. You have to give these babies a shot, and they are perfect for traveling.

Dang Coconut Chips

All opinions and reviews are my own. This is not a paid endorsement.