A Little Halloween Treat

Happy Halloween! Ok, I know its a little early, but since I work with kids, its Halloween all week long. For real. Yesterday was Halloween Hat day at work, and one of my kids had a Ninja Turtle hat, who refused to go by anything but Michaelangelo. As in: "Michaelangelo,  can you please do you speech work? Michalangelo, can you please stop looking for pizza under you desk? Michaelangelo, don't worry, we'll find the the sewer manhole after we work on speech, ok?"

Its going to be high-energy week, I can already tell.  

Instead of bringing you some Halloween candy, like I'm sure you were guessing I would (This is a food blog, after all) I am bringing you something better: discount codes for Halloween shopping. 

Fat Face Skincare is a cosmetics company that uses only all-natural, chemical-free ingredients. Its one of the few beauty products that is actually Paleo-certified, meaning that it is all organic, and doesn't contain any artificial ingredients. This stuff is actually primarily made out of grass-fed beef tallow, as in rendered fat from a cow, which has had a lot of research on topical benefits.  It sounds weird, but I promise, this stuff is amazing. It is so natural that you could eat it, and not have to call poison control. (Side note: it is estimated that our skin absorbs 80% of what we apply topically- why would you mess around at all with chemical-laden products??)


The creator of Fat Face Skincare, Cassy, is a gem, and such a truly personable and kind hearted person. She started creating this stuff out of her kitchen in her home, and I'm so happy that such an honest and admirable product is picking up steam. 

She is so kind that she's extended you guys, my readers, a Halloween discount code for 10% off of any purchase you make from now until November 3rd! Go check it out! All of her products are amazing, but I especially love the Calming Body Butta, which I've been using to help sleep before bed, and the Cleansing Oil, which cleared up my acne-prone skin in about 3 weeks. (3 weeks compared to hundreds of dollars worth of acne products, prescriptions from dermatologists, and countless embarrassing photos of breakouts since the time I was 13. That's 13 years! My goodness.)  Fat Face, where have you been all my life? 



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