I'm back!


I’m back!

Ok, I’m going to keep this post short and sweet because I have a more detailed post about my hiatus coming up, including all of the huge life changes that have happened since we last talked. But….

…I’m back! I’ve decided to return to blogging! I’ve redesigned my website, which has me all heart-eyed-emoji over here with its clean lines and bright white spaces. I even have a new logo-which just makes me so happy. 

Things are MUCH easier to navigate and have transferred all my old posts, recipes and all! Posts are organized my category, and I’ve even added a page of my favorite products, which I plan to update regularly. Feel free to explore around a bit, and if you something that seems like an error (like a broken link), please let me know!

I will have a shift in content, but South of Vanilla will stay true to my roots. Want to see the big post and find out more about why I stopped blogging and why I’m back? Make sure that you subscribe to my email list. J (Don’t worry, I will never spam you. That’s literally the worst.)